Growth Curve

Too Many Challenges and Not Enough Profit?  Get on the Growth Curve to Profitability

What is your typical response when faced with either small blazes or larger fires you need to extinguish on the job? Does one aspect of trouble occupy your time and attention or are you most concerned with the big picture? Do you start at the top or the bottom?  Did you know that 80% of small businesses fail in the first five years of operation and 80% of the remainder fail in the next five?  Those are startling statistics, especially in this economy.  Instead of becoming one of those statistics, would you like to know how you can take control of your own destiny?

In collaboration with the Rocklin Chamber of Commerce, Projectivity-Solutions, will be offering a series of workshops that can help businesses of nineteen employees or less begin to look at where their company is, where it wants to be, and develop strategies to get there.  Business owners will participate in a Growth Curve X-Ray that will look beneath the surface of their business’ challenges and identify six to ten initiatives that will kick-start their profit engines, ignite employee productivity, and improve their businesses’ overall performance.  Usually the top five challenges for a small business are:

    1. Cash Flow
    2. Destabilized by Chaos
    3. Slow Product Development and Getting to Market
    4. Limited Capital to Grow
    5. Improving Sales

What is the Remedy?

For select business owners, Projectivity Solutions will run workshops over a twelve-month period.  It will take effort and commitment on the business owners’ part.  During this time, participants will act as an advisory board for one another as well as evaluating how their own business will grow.

Get on the Growth Curve™ to improved business health.  Contact Projectivity Solutions today.

More Growth Curve Information: Click Here

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