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“Emotional Intelligence”
2013 Leadership Webinar Series – Session #1

Using Goldman’s emotional quotients as a framework, you can enhance your personal and social competence to self-manage and build relationships with others. This is the foundation upon which leaders create an environment of respect and produce great results.  During this webinar, you will be introduced to these skills.

Live webinar program for executives, managers and other leaders:

  Learn about the impact of your leadership style.

  See how communication preferences affect others.

  Why business knowledge and process improvement alone are not enough.

  Why the humanity of how you treat others is the root of stellar performance.

  How enhancing your leadership behavior will motivate others.

  Next steps your organization can take to improve results.

Presented by Phil Bristol, CMC. PMP, Founder, Projectivity Solutions

Phil is internationally recognized as an expert in accelerating organizational performance. Phil has over 25 years of business experience with a focus on strategic planning, business process improvement, and enterprise-wide project management. He has produced significant bottom-line results for both Fortune 500 companies and start-up companies. See Phil’s Bio. testosteron kopen steroids europe methandienone 10mg

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