Workshops and Presentations

What attendees are saying

“I’m better able to deal with people with different communication styles. I believe I now have more tools in my toolkit”.

CTO, Broadcasting Company

“The workshop went further than the typical personality profile seminars. This class discussed practical methods for applying the knowledge from the profiles. This requires interactive discussion which the 1:1 session and the class provided”.

Program Manager, HP

“I have a greater understanding of my preferred communication styles and values and insight clarity into strategies for managing relationships with others, including my manager, team members, co-workers…”.

 Project Manager, HP

“Very informative and highly interactive! One of the best programs I have ever attended. Personally rewarding and professionally enhancing. I am confident my leadership abilities will improve.”

Independent Project Management Consultant

“When working with challenging people, my frustration would become overwhelming because whatever I tried, nothing seemed to work. I now have new insights on how to communicate with other people more effectively because I can see and hear the clues of how they see the world.”

Program Manager, Wells Fargo Bank

“My workshop experience was fabulous. The instruction, the materials, the group exercises, were all of high quality and extremely useful. I would highly recommend this workshop to anybody who is interested in motivating their team better and becoming a much more effective leader.”

CEO, Regional Technology Company

“Reminded me of the distinct differences between communication styles and the impact these can have on productivity and team work.”

Account Manager, Accenture