Timely, Relevant and Informative

Hasten Failure

Phil Bristol
Projectivity Solutions Qwik-Read, 2011

Why produce quality services or products, delight your customer, or have your team be excited about the daily pursuit of results when you can artfully create chaos, feed turmoil, and waste thousands of dollars? All in fun, but there is truth behind the humor. Download

Aligning Accountability and Resources for Results

Phil Bristol
Projectivity Solutions Qwik-Read, 2010

Does the mentality in your organization resemble departmental silos where the walls are so thick and high that employees fight among themselves or lob work to each other before delivery to customers? Learn about removing the five obstacle to accelerated performance. Download

Business Planning – Four Steps for Results

Phil Bristol
Projectivity Solutions Qwik-Read, 2009

The Caterpillar’s wisdom from Alice in Wonderland… “If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there”, distinguishes two basic types of business owners; those that work IN their business and those that work ON their business. Download

Speak the Language of Leadership

Phil Bristol and Gary Yeatts
PMI Global Congress Proceedings, 2010

A leaders ability to influence, inspire, and motivate directly correlates to the interpersonal skill proficiency. Download

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