Is Your Strategic Plan a Year-End List of Unaccomplished Tasks?

Where 95% of businesses fail themselves

Do you have a great strategic plan… but it’s in your head? Is your strategic plan is the results of a weekend retreat? Or maybe your plan is a re-tread of last year’s re-tread… with the same results! Sound familiar? The issue is not that businesses don’t take strategic planning seriously; it’s that most go about the process in a manner almost guaranteed to not produce the meaningful – actionable – measurable – results you really need for your business.

A better process for crafting a realistic, executable strategic plan

There are two fundamental elements that are essential to creating realistic strategic plans. These are the missing links that, when ignored, relegate most strategic plans to essentially ineffective paper exercises that do little if nothing to help a business move forward.

Integration between strategy and execution – What is “planed for” as strategic goals and objectives to be achieved within specific time periods must be realistic and executable. That means that integrating strategy with execution must be designed into the planning process, i.e. they must be linked by design.

The right people at the right time – As simple as it sounds, involving the right people in the conversation at the right time is also critical to successful planning. All to often strategic plans are written (or revamped) at a “high level” within an organization, without participation from the right people at the right time to ensure that goals, objectives, and tasks are appropriate, fully considered, and reasonably obtainable given the commitment of dedicated resources called for in a plan.

Helping businesses achieve greater results through effective planning and execution

Projectivity Solutions takes a different, more effective and impactful approach to helping clients create realistic, executable strategic plans that move their businesses forward. First, we don’t just write and walk away, leaving the client to implement. Rather, we work with each client through the year to help them implement and manage all of the business rubrics necessary for successful execution of their plan. We start by collecting and analyzing planning information in a compress time period to shorten the planning process. Then we link strategy and execution by design in the planning process, including getting the right people involved at the right time. We also make sure all strategic outcomes are tied to metrics so that outcomes can be measured, and goals, objectives and tasks can be adjusted. We also help clients “right-size” the work that needs to be done, and prioritize tasks to simplify plan execution. The result is a planning and execution process designed to provide the best return on investment. dianabol for sale hth growth hormone