Take Your Performance to the Next Level

Like a medical X-ray, our assessment X-Ray is a series that helps discover the natural causes of the symptoms and pain in a business. The assessments have developed from research-based science. These assessments identify issues giving a team clarity, alignment, and implementation accountability.

Get on the path to organizational health by zeroing in on, and fixing, real problems.

Our X-Ray approach comprises four assessments BusinessRelationshipFinancial, and Mindset – which provide a concise snapshot of organizational culture and performance. The assessment data forms the basis of a collaborative work plan containing goals, actions, and measurements.

What you don’t know can hurt you.
Our portfolio of X-Rays assessments is proven to help organizations avoid critical small business pitfalls.

Business Clarity

Our Business X-Ray assessments are focused on business complexity based on employee size. This assessment evaluates the seven stages of organizational growth and the eight hidden factors adversely impacting organizational performance and leadership effectiveness.

Objective Business Review

Relationship Clarity

People’s problems manifest from conflicting needs, values, and interests between individuals working together. When unresolved, misunderstandings and conflicts can reduce a business’s ability to function effectively. Our assessments and training programs result in a trust-based culture at all levels. These programs assist with enhanced clarity of purpose, relationships, work expectations, and consistency of actions.


Leadership Advancement

Financial Clarity

Revenue performance must focus on two critical activities: increasing profits and decreasing costs. Successful companies develop a laser-like focus on revenue and the critical factors that affect revenue performance. A profit plan, i.e., profit by design, is needed that focuses on gross profit, net profit, cost of goods sold, and cash flow.


Finance Profit Plan

Mindset Clarity

An outward mindset is a foundation for true collaboration and collective success, Conversely, an inward mindset focuses on the self, creating barriers with others. A leader’s inward or outward mindset profoundly impacts the treatment of people, innovation, collaboration, team building, and overall business success.


Mindset Orientation

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