Execution ⇒ Varian – Case Study

Varian Thin Films

A Global Semiconductor Equipment Provider

A case study of our services in action

Business challenge

Typical customer contracts were valued at $5 Million – $24 Million, with tight deadlines and substantial late penalties.

The thin film culture places a premium on innovative engineering solutions and timely customer support.

A decentralized management allowed for a great amount of engineer autonomy.


A best relative value, high quality, on time solution was essential to sustain customer satisfaction.

Our role

The GM and VP, Operations engaged Projectivity Solutions to do an operational assessment.

”We were really behind the power curve producing the Engineering Change Orders (ECO) that needed to be delivered.”

The Projectivity Group organized work across nine departments and two corporate headquarters.

“The project plan, schedule and communication plan helped us quickly regain our Pacific Rim customers’ confidence and helped us focus on essentials.”

The solution

Projectivity Solutions completed a rapid assessment of the situation providing the marketing, engineering and production teams with an action plan to complete the engineering designs, acquire the component parts, assemble, and test each system prior to customer acceptance.

The cross-functional team:
  • Developed organizational alignment and a common objective
  • Defined clear requirements
  • Resolved role and responsibility confusion
  • Focused on problem solving skills
  • Used project management planning, tracking, and communication skills

Client results

Projectivity Solutions created a project plan and deliverables oriented schedule that clearly identified ownership and required resources. Timely collaboration between sales, five engineering specialties, procurement, QA and manufacturing staffs was key to prompt delivery of six systems over a three-month period.

The principle benefits of the engagement were:
  • On time system delivery
  • High quality product
  • Stayed within budget constraints
  • Created a new level of collaboration