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Performance by Design

An Integrated Method for Creating Lasting Change

The result is leadership by design and lasting performance improvement.


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Why organizations struggle with results

Most organizations don’t achieve their performance potential because they struggle overcoming two critical roadblocks to higher results:

~ Lack of trust and conflict within the organization that erodes commitment and accountability;

~ The assumption that improved performance only results from business knowledge and process improvement.

What We Do

We help organizations reach a higher level of performance by addressing these roadblocks through leadership based on elevating the behavior of executives, individuals, and teams, and applying behavior based leadership to traditional performance improvement activities.

The foundation for lasting change

Our approach is based on the true foundation for unbridled performance, which combines advanced business skills with how we treat each other. How we treat each other manifests in our language and behavior – i.e. our “way of being”.

Showing executives and managers how their leadership behavior effects others, and how changes in their behavior can induce significant changes in the intentions and behaviors of others is the fundamental success approach of Projectivity Solutions.


Creating performance improvement by design

Our approach is different and more effective at helping organizations reach higher results because we integrate solutions that address the behavior of how work is accomplished – meaning honoring the humanity of others – with enhanced methods and process for actually performing the work.

We do this by first assessing the leadership style in your organization, and how the organization responds. Then we assess the overall ability of your organization to produce results. Next we address procedural and process issues that may be inhibiting performance in order to accelerate transformation. Finally, we create solutions that integrate behaviors for honoring the humanity of others into the culture of your organization.

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