Strategic Assessment

The challenge for many business owners and staff is that they don’t know what they don’t know. This challenge – limited experience and objectivity – means that re-alignment may benefit leadership alignment and focus. Our proprietary assessment helps to identify the eight hidden challenges that reduce organizational performance and leadership effectiveness. A strategic evaluation provides insights and knowledge to help owners and leaders transition from working on the business to mastering the business.

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Relationship Development

People problems in business derive from conflicting needs, values, and interests between people working together. Jurisdictional disagreements, conflicts,
rivalries, jealousies, personality clashes, role definitions, power struggles, tribalism, and overtake a business’s ability to function effectively.
Our leadership assessments provide objective data and findings to educate and transform behavior. The result is a trust-based culture at all levels with
enhanced purpose clarity, relationship clarity, work expectations clarity, and consistency of actions.

Leadership Advancement

Leaders and managers deeply impact their organization’s people and culture, affecting the business’s very foundation. Leadership development at all levels is therefore critical to positively changing cultural norms, increasing employee performance, and improving organizational problem-solving. Our solution starts with validated assessments that guide the development of custom solutions to build leaders’ and managers’ understanding of the implications of their behavior and guide them, enhancing their judgment capacity to take better actions to improve their influence.

Leardership Advancement

Conflict Transformation

For most people in leadership positions, avoidance is the preferred method for dealing with conflict. This “head-in-the-sand” approach actively attempts to circumvent confronting the issue. Other approaches to handling conflict include Conflict Management, Conflict Resolution, and Conflict Transformation. Conflict Transformation seeks to exceed the goals of Conflict Management and Conflict Resolution by moving beyond the problems and toward the healthy development of relationships between individuals, teams, and organizations.

Conflict Transformation

Process Cultivation

Clearly defined work processes are essential for collaboration between individuals, teams, and organizations to produce predictable results.
Work process clarity enables organizations to align business functions with customer needs and helps executives determine how to deploy, monitor, and measure company resources. Process clarity is the ability to enhance efficiency and productivity, reduce costs, and minimize errors and risks, optimizing results.

Mindset Orientation

An inward mindset focuses on the self, creating barriers with others. An outward mindset makes others equally important and opens oneself to the ideas and aspirations of others. As such, a leader’s mindset profoundly impacts leadership style, treatment of people, innovation, collaboration, team building, and overall business success. Fundamental to our process is helping leaders identify and develop their outward mindset to influence the right changes. An outward mindset is a foundation for how we help leaders achieve sustainable growth and performance.


Comprehensive Assessment

Most owners and managers are so focused on day-to-day operations that they need to step back to really understand current challenges or implement foundational solutions to move the company to the next level. A comprehensive “Current State” assessment is needed, with the results used as the basis for an improvement roadmap. The key is not only understanding your current condition but being able to prioritize problems and solutions objectively. We work with key members of your management team to dive deeply into select business areas and flush out improvement areas.

X-ray Assessment

Culture Enhancement

Culture binds your team to a common purpose, motivations, and actions. Organizational culture impacts performance and is critical to business success. As your company evolves, your culture also needs to evolve. Changing mindsets and behaviors is a process that takes time and commitment from all levels. How you involve employees says a lot about the type of culture you want to create. We worked with senior leadership to shape a familiar story about where the business is going and why, and then helped the business do the hard work of transforming company culture towards positive outcomes.

Financial Profit Plan

Sustainable business requires increasing profits and decreasing costs. Yet these two fundamentals are often overlooked by the new business owner. Initially, it’s all about the ‘owner’s vision and the team’s excitement. Then reality surfaces because while the need for increasing profits and decreasing costs
are self-evident, they are not as easy to achieve. What is needed is a profit plan, or profit by design, that focuses on gross and net profit, cost of goods sold, and
cash flow. Further, the entire team, all employees, must understand how their work helps fuel profits, influences costs, and ultimately drives their paychecks.

Financial Profit Plan

Key Person Acquisition

Hiring the right employee matters more than most other decisions you will make. A bad hire can be destructive, and a desperate hire will likely produce lackluster results. But a great hire can lift team spirits and your profits. Knowing how to hire is critical to effective growth and business success. The key is in the methods used in selecting and interviewing candidates. We use a proprietary Position Benchmarking process that effectively targets a specific job, not the person in the job. We use an interactive process and assessment to build a target interview process and set of questions that better assess candidate fit.


Key Person Acquistion

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