Business And Leadership Programs

The challenge for many business owners and staff is that while they are industry experts, too often they have limited business knowledge and objectivity. Leadership alignment and focus are needed to discover objective business performance data. Unbiased data enables realistic plan development. Projectivity Solutions provides six programs tailored to your company’s needs.

Exceptional Enterprise Program – Infusing essential capabilities


This methodology identifies and infuses the missing 11 business elements into a company’s system to create a high-functioning, highly profitable organization. Each element corresponds to a structured engagement that strengthens a specific area of your business.

Exceptional Leader Program – Optimizing Human Potential:


Our suite of assessment tools and courses helps individuals, teams, and organizations improve employee retention and motivation. Due to our Validity & Reliability Studies compliance, this comprehensive suite of behavioral assessment tools increases employee productivity and improves culture and employee engagement.

Exceptional Mindset Program – Creating a culture:

Moving from ME to WE

An outward mindset makes others equally important and opens oneself to the ideas and aspirations of others. Fundamental to our process is helping leaders identify and develop their outward mindset to influence the right changes.

Exceptional Strategic Direction – Envisioning the future:


A strategic plan increases transparency, helps build trust, and eliminates ambiguity while promoting operational efficiency and resourcefulness. It involves selecting long-term priorities and allocating resources among key stakeholders.

Exceptional Manager Program – Accelerating managment skills

Working ON the business, not working IN the business

This unique 12-month learning experience makes your management team the backbone of an exceptional company. This Program uses insightful online content and hands-on classroom activities to instill the necessary mindset, and skills managers need to create high levels of value for the organization.

Exceptional Foundation Program – Building a footing for success:

Scale and Grow your Business

Learn how to transition your owner-centric business into an enterprise-centric one. These are performance-proven principles that have played out in practice and proven to be successful. This program helps owners overcome typical barriers to growth and prosperity.

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