Does Your Business Team Talk a Great Game
and Then Fail to Deliver the Results You Need?

Has your business hit a brick wall, struggling with revenue, productivity or customer retention challenges? Are you working tirelessly to improve business knowledge and process improvement… and still not getting the results you need?

We focus on the two required elements for creating lasting change.

The behavior of “how” work is accomplished. There are only two options in working with others. Either you honor the humanity of others, or you don’t. Either you’re responsive to others, or you’re not. “How” is about relationships.

The technical process of “what” work is done. This is the sequence of work and the mechanical ways you move forward. “What” is about the transaction of work.

We combine the best of business practices and transactional processes with how to develop and sustain trust-based relationships. Our solution is to help organizations develop leadership based on elevating behavior, and applying behavior-based leadership to traditional performance improvement activities. The result is higher productivity, better results, higher retention and improved performance.


  PMI Global Congress 2017


“We Need to Talk

The most anxiety and tension producing four words in the human experience – “We need to talk” – can be transformed into a leadership skill. We know that feedback is essential for healthy relationships and professional development—but we dread it and often dismiss it. This presentation blends the latest insights from neuroscience and psychology with practical methods to transform this fear by applying a powerful framework with six specific skills and three best practices.

Stages of Growth

Optimum Revenue Potential

A Dynamic Way to Accelerate Your Business  Net Worth

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